Friday, January 07, 2005

Even More Snow Today!

even more snow today!
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Oy! What's with the snow!

I just returned from lunch with my friend Tom, and we had our share of sliding around downtown in his new Subaru. We slid around Burrard Street, and we slid down Thurlow Street to Beach Avenue. On the way down, there was a Honda that sidled none-too-gently up against a FedEx truck, much to the irritation of the FedEx driver.

I was feeling a bit of loss today, as I handed over my plants to Tom. One of them was a tree that I'd rescued from the garbage and repotted. It thrived to the point where I had to prune it, very reluctantly, after it started to take over the living room. Another plant was a small tree I bought in its infancy not long after I moved in. I remember back in '98 my friend Marc commented on how great it looked in its green, Vietnamese-style pot. The vine I'd acquired much, much later, but it had wound its way around the doorframe and made the area near the kitchen homier. Plants are living things, so it's natural to get a bit attached to them after you've tended and watched them grow for years.