Thursday, January 06, 2005

Lady of the Rings

I forgot to take a photo of the completed wedding and engagement rings together when David was here, so I tagged all the rings and drawings in Flickr so you get a composite photo.

heirloom ring, in the sky
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This is the heirloom ring I wore when the rings were being drawn up. What I didn't know at the time was that it was David's grandmother's 50th anniversary ring that replaced her wedding and engagement rings. When I found that out (and how much it was worth), I stopped wearing it.

The Doorknocker
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This is the doorknocker ring that was taken apart for the stones that make up our new rings. Just one look and you'll see why I didn't wear it. I could take somebody's eye out with that!

ring drawings
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David's drawings. When we first went to the jewellers, I didn't like anything I saw... anywhere! Engagement rings are set too high for me, and I wanted something less ostentatious. Finding a ring that didn't go BLING BLING was more difficult than I'd thought, and in my mind I formed a general idea of what I wanted to wear. I tried explaining it to the salespeople, but the only person who knew what I was talking about was David, who has an art degree. We discussed some ideas, and from there he designed the rings in an Art Nouveau style, which has no straight lines.

Bartikowsky's ring rendering
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This is the rendering of my wedding and engagement rings by Bartikowsky's, the jewellers in Wilkes-Barre where David knows some people. They took his drawings, put them in a CAD program, and this is the result. The rings are meant to fit together, and David's ring looks like my engagement and wedding rings combined, except his has three small stones, like my wedding ring.

The rings went on tour over Christmas and New Year's. My wedding and engagement rings were completed two days before Christmas, and David brought them with him to Vancouver, where they made their debut and were circulated around the friends and family we'd visited over the holidays. Ordinarily I wouldn't make a point of showing people the rings, but since David designed them himself, I wanted to showcase his handiwork.