Monday, January 31, 2005

Winter at the House of Fielding

icy sky
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Winter. I'd postponed it for as long as I could. David wrote about it in his Multiply journal, so I knew what I was getting into:

Winter, finally

Here's an entry Jan 7th about the ice storm in the Poconos:

The Perfect (Ice) Storm

Yesterday we went shopping for some warm clothes for me, since I don't have much in the way of insulated materials -- besides body fat, that is, haha...

Ugh. Speaking of which, it's time to join the gym. This body hasn't seen the inside of the gym for a long, long time, and it shows. There's a place at the bottom of the hill (I suppose it's really a mountain we're on, though, by PA standards), but it's a ladies' gym (Curves, they're in BC, too). Oh well. The other option is the Jewish Community Centre (er, Center), which David prefers over the local Y, but it's not walking distance. Seems counterintuitive to have to drive to the gym.