Saturday, January 22, 2005

Heather and HyperKitty

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Hung out with Heather for the evening, which included:

- some pre-dinner errand-running for me (post office and Staples)
- Gyoza King
- a pitstop at the revolving Cloud 9 restaurant atop the Landmark Hotel on Robson Street
- Mondo Gelato
- finishing off with a tour of her new house -- which I'll never see again since she's going to Korea next month to set up an ESL school!

Heather was amazed by my restraint in the matter of the Dessertworks chocolate bar that Karl gave to me on New Year's Day in Seattle to pass on to her. It managed to last three whole weeks in my possession with nary a nibble. Which is more than can be said for the other two bars, only one of which was gifted to me. The other was for Socar, whose indulgences run more along the lines of candied ginger rather than chocolate. I... um... ate it on Socar's behalf, but have yet to procure the substituted candied ginger, and the clock is ticking! Less than 6 days left!