Friday, July 22, 2005

BigBus Around Vancouver, Rodin at the VAG

Amazingly, I was on a tourist bus trip around Vancouver all morning yesterday and didn't take a single photo. It was another fam trip through Hostelling International -- a tour bus company just opened up, so they wanted us to know about them.

It was a gorgeous day yesterday, so being driven around on the city and sitting on the upper level was worth getting up early-ish for. Afterwards, HI bought us lunch at Taco del Mar, another one of the great things they do for volunteers.

One errand that did require photos was to get some shots of an apartment buildings some friends are interested in renting downtown. I sent them, but I think I'm a little late as it looks like they've already left North Carolina in their U-Haul and are driving west.

Then Eliza and I ran some other errands before meeting her cousin at the Vancouver Art Gallery, where we took in a lecture on the current Rodin exhibit.

Rodin: A Magnificent Obsession

While we were at VAG, I popped into their store as I'm a big fan of museum stores in general, especially at places like MoMA. David and I are both enthusiastic patrons of the arts, and we like art books and objects that have strong design elements. We spend a fair amount of time browsing, and I usually end up dropping the kind of money in museum shops I wouldn't care to spend anywhere else.

It occurred to me that VAG might be able to do a wedding registry, so I made some inquiries at the desk. They seemed very accommodating and said while they don't have a registry option in place, all I'd have to do is make a list of things I like, and people could come in and choose things from the list. I took a business card and I'll phone later, when they aren't as busy. Thursday nights are by donation, so the place gets mobbed. I'll return on a quieter day.