Sunday, July 10, 2005

Night Lights

Gail at night
Gail at night,
originally uploaded by goddess_spiral.
whizzing by
whizzing by,
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After my first volunteering stint of the season earlier this evening at the Hostelling International infodesk, I went for a night shoot with Rachael.

I was revved up about getting out my camera after dark. I'd mentioned it in Vandigicam before, but hadn't co-ordinated a night shoot yet. One of things I've been meaning to do is camp myself at one of the outdoor patios and shoot the clubbers along Granville Street. With a camera, of course... but there are always scuffles and ornery people and such, so it can be a rather dangerous prospect when you factor in the aggression that's attendant with alcohol-fuelled energy.

Because we went early in the evening, we didn't have to be too concerned -- people hadn't really started drinking yet. There were plenty of people milling about Granville Street, but nobody seemed to notice the cameras, and those who did weren't paranoid about it.

There's a lot more neon on Granville Street than before, too, what with the proliferation of new businesses in the area. Lots more to shoot when we're not as tired. Photos uploaded thus far are here.