Monday, July 04, 2005

Toronto: CN Tower

CN Tower
at the waterfront

Nope, we haven't been up in the CN Tower yet. There's a massive convention in town at the Roger's Centre -- formerly the Skydome -- that's making it too busy for us to bother waiting in a long queue (1-2 hours PER deck). I went up the tower when I was about 10 years old, but this will be David's first time, if we go through with our third and final attempt in the morning.

All weekend we were wondering what the convention was for. Normally giant welcome banners indicate who's in town, but everywhere it's just mentioned as "the convention": TORONTO CONVENTION 2005. The attendees are literally everywhere -- you can't miss them, with their badges hanging on lanyards, at every intersection, on every streetcar.

While waiting for our ice cream order at the base of the CN Tower, David turned to someone with a badge and asked what the convention was for.

"Alcoholics Anonymous," the man said. "70,000 people from around the world are here for an international convention for AA."

Ahhhhh... that explains it! It's definitely anonymous.

Well, we know what they WON'T be doing in Toronto.

The Steam Whistle brewery is right across the street from the Rogers Centre.

It's a pretty rowdy bunch of people, for being straight. The streetcars positively shake when they're on them. 'They must be high on life,' David says.