Sunday, July 17, 2005

Photography Artshow: Hands by Rachael Ashe

Artshow: Hands - Rachael Ashe
The Artist Currently Known as Goddess Spiral

Rachael (Goddess Spiral on Flickr) hosted an artshow at the Wicked Cafe on Thursday.

Hands - by Rachael Ashe

The Wicked Cafe filled up quickly, then a musician and her entourage showed up, sending the rest of us outside.

I don't think Brad, the owner of the Wicked Cafe, imagined the place getting quite this full. But then, Vandigicam has really grown the past couple of months. Rachael's exhibit is the first in a series, so next time I hope no musicians are scheduled one hour into the artshow opening -- the cafe is too small to accommodate both events!

As is our custom, we headed for another venue -- this time the Granville Island Hotel, where we took over a couple of tables. Even though Vandigicam is billed as a Flickr photo group, there are times when it's purely a social occasion and there's not a camera in sight, believe it or not.

Photoset here: Wicked Cafe Artshow, followed by libations at the Granville Island Hotel

If you're local to the area, do go check out Rachael's photographs -- they'll be on display for at least a month, I'm told.