Friday, July 15, 2005

I Bought My Wedding Shoes

I bought the dress on Tuesday, and I wondered whether I would be as lucky with the shoes.

Eliza first took me to her favourite store, Holt Renfrew, which is like the Canadian version of Saks Fifth Avenue. High-end. I didn't think I would get anything there, but Eliza did! Surprise, surprise... she's 'The Shoe Aficionado' I mentioned yesterday. Her shoes cost nearly as much as my wedding dress.

We found this pair at the next shop we went into. They're like the ones I wore to Lucy's wedding last year in England, except they are NOT pink, and wide enough for my feet. The ones I wore last year had to be taken to the cobbler in Wolverhampton for stretching. I didn't think I would wear pointy-toed shoes again, but these are surprisingly comfortable. I think the problem wearing sling-backs last year was the elastic strap -- these ones have more support. The bows are low-key as well. I was thinking of removing them, but that might ruin the fabric.

The best thing about the shoes, though, was the price: $60!