Sunday, July 31, 2005

I'm Dog Tired

dock dog
dock dog,
originally uploaded by gail on the web.
I started to go through my hundreds (!) of photos of the weekend thus far, but gave up because my eyes refuse to stay open any longer. My friend Michael from Germany phoned this morning at a crazy hour -- 06:43 -- because he thought I was in Pennsylvania, where it is EST and only 6 hours behind Western Europe. It wouldn't make any difference except I went to bed after 2am, and I was staying in a room with three others who were fast asleep. Under the circumstances and it being Saturday an' all, any ring is unwelcome at 06:43.

Photos are from my fam trip to Nanaimo and Sweden's entry tonight in the fireworks competition that is the HSBC Celebration of Light. I went straight from one to the other.

This post brought to you by the dock dog, eagerly awaiting the ferry to Newcastle Island this morning. This dog looks weekend-ready!