Thursday, July 28, 2005

Seeing Red: Rachael's Red Series

Rachael's Red Series

Rachael's Red Series
Rachael's birthday was on Tuesday, so in the afternoon we (being Rachael, Pidge, Richard, and I) went for a photowalk through Chinatown, shooting with the theme of RED.

Hendrik, who was in Edinburgh that day, also participated in the red-themed photowalk, taking some amazing shots around the city. Seeing his Edinburgh photos brought back memories, I tell you. Edinburgh was my home for 18 months before moving on to Glasgow, where the people are more 'shoot-from-the-hip', if you get my drift.

Seeing Red in Edinburgh - Hendrik
Seeing Red - Rachael
Red Tuesday - Richard
Goddess Spiral's Birthday - Pidge
Rachael's Red Series* - me

Later that day, two groups of us dined at Sala Thai: Rachael's birthday gathering, and a group of six I organised for one of those rare let's-catch-up-over-nosh sessions. Something we hadn't done since December, when David was visiting and I wanted them to meet him. It was funny because when Rachael's friends sang 'Happy Birthday' to her, we turned into a little cheering section at our end of the restaurant.

I wanted Rachael and Vicky to meet, because they'll both be photographers at my Vancouver wedding reception. All I have to do is get Ben to meet both of them. Which reminds me: now's about the time I should start a wedding website, with all the details as they unfold.

*argh, I discovered too late that I uploaded the wrong photos to Flickr... I'd recently downloaded iPhoto 5.0.3 and it had a problem with photo rotation. So I downloaded the fixed update, 5.0.4, but when I re-imported the photos this of course deleted my Photoshop corrections like cropping and colour correction. Grrrr.... if I'd noticed earlier, I would've deleted them, re-modified, then re-uploaded. Alas.