Sunday, July 17, 2005

Melissa's Dress

Thursday was a busy day: I met Lana for lunch, we went to Michael's (an arts and crafts store) to scope out decorating ideas, and I made it to the bridal shop before it closed so we could do the dress-length alterations (now that I have the shoes). That was before dinner at a Vietnamese noodle house, Rachael's artshow, and Vandigicam's after-show libations.

While we were at the bridal shop, Eliza bought TWO more dresses, and I bought Melissa an ivory dress. We got great deals, of course -- both of Eliza's dress for $100 each and Melissa's for $50 (more than 50% off tag price for all). In this lighting, the dress looks white, but it is indeed the same colour as my dress.

Melissa was the flower girl in her Auntie Ally's wedding last year in June, and her dress is still in good nick, but it's white, so I thought I'd get her an ivory one. I was told she was the consummate flower girl, and she's very excited to have another opportunity. She can't wait to go shopping for shoes with Eliza!