Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Artwork from the MJEs

Artwork credits:

Melissa - age 6
Michael - age 4 (nearly 5)
Madeleine - age 3 (nearly 4)

Previous exhibits.

artwork from the M's
artwork from the M's,
originally uploaded by gail on the web.

Left: "Dir David I hop you wil get betr soon Luve Melissa"

Click on the individual photos to read the notes the kids wrote.

artwork from the M's
I let Hugh out this afternoon. No, let me re-phrase that: Hugh dashed by me when I went to the front porch to get the mail. He was glad I was more pre-occupied with the lovely drawings from Melissa, Michael, and Madeleine than his escape to explore new frontiers in the backyard, but gave me a hiss when I tried to make him go inside.


But, we eventually reached a compromise when I placed the drawings on the steps and he let me take his photo beside his drawn self. Can this kitty be any more vain?