Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The Saga Continues

The past few days have been to-and-fro, so herein lies a summary.

First of all, Breigh is wondering where her package went, and so are we. Today marks the FIFTH day that David and I have tried to track it down. I was unsuccessful Saturday and Sunday, David inquired on Monday, I navigated the intestinal corridors yesterday and came up empty-handed, then David returned again today:

New Schedule and Purloined Package

We don't understand why it's been so difficult to track down this package. Volumes of mail and such come into the hospital, are we just the victims of bad luck here? Or, does efficiency and organisation not reach subterranean levels? (The mail room/receiving department is in a corner of a maze that is the basement.)

David made contact with the manager this afternoon, who says he's investigating. At least David found out who T. Lydon is -- it's a guy in the mail room, not a nurse. I think nurses have more sense!

In other news:


- called some friends in Europe in the morning
- decided to scale down the wedding
- decided to cancel the receptions here and in Vancouver
- will try and book hotel closer to the house for a small ceremony and dinner Oct 1
- drove David to radiologist to they could mark up his body
- futile trip to the hospital #3 (for package)
- David's appetite finally kicks in after I tempt him with lunch at Circle's in Wilkes-Barre
- we go to David's office for the first time after his diagnosis
- we talk to our immigration lawyer about my visa issues
- we try and boost our spirits with the bodacious-as-ever Margaret Cho performing her latest show Revolution on Netflix DVD.


- futile trip to the hospital #4
- I enter the time warp that is the Coney Island Texas Weiner lunch counter
- stop in at the Radisson - Lackawanna Station to try and book a small room for our scaled-down wedding ceremony and dinner
- e-mailed vendors in Vancouver to cancel October 8 reception, and try to hold onto our deposits to book next year
- David's radiologist warns: 'No spicy food, no alcohol', so I make him tandoori chicken
- our comic relief via Netflix continues, with Jerry Seinfeld's documentary, Comedian.


- a morning phone call from the radiologist requests us to come in today instead of Friday for radiation equipment prep, radiation begins early tomorrow morning instead of Monday
- futile visit to the hospital #5, but this time a manager is involved
- I go to Wegman's to get *REAL FOOD* (fresh lychees, longans, wasabi peas, brown basmati rice, Summerfresh humus, crystallized ginger, ginger tea, all-natural ginger beer, all-natural raspberry ginger beer, goat cheese, and more...)
- we receive cute pre-school artwork from the M's via the post
- we're both tired, and have to be up early... can we make it through the documentary Fog of War without falling asleep?