Friday, August 19, 2005


David's home from the hospital, and hiccupping like crazy. It's one of the side-effects of chemotherapy, something we'd never heard of -- we only previously knew about nausea. Another one we didn't know about was sneezing, but it isn't happening as much.

Dave's Logbook - Home, Hopeful, and *hic*

We had a visitor drop by shortly after we arrived home, and I ducked out to pick up a FedEx package with a present of a drawing of Dave by Socar, which I'll take a photo of after we frame it. Thanks Socar! I also bought some ginger at Gerrity's, which should help with David's nausea. I think what's plaguing him worse than nausea right now is the hiccupping. When he started hiccupping yesterday we thought it was funny, but that's because hiccupping usually goes away. Now it's driving him up the wall.

Anyone have any proven techniques for stopping the hiccups?