Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Van Dusen Gardens - it's not just for flowers

yoga at Van Dusen Gardens
yoga at Van Dusen Gardens,
originally uploaded by gail on the web.
It was an action-packed long weekend in Vancouver and surrounds. After I returned from Nanaimo, I went to see the fireworks on Saturday night, and by Sunday morning I found myself with no clean clothes...

A load of laundry and a very long phone call to England later (nearly two hours?), I moseyed down to the Coal Harbour to meet Rachael to see Cole Porter's Can-Can at the Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. It's a musical -- no weighty plotlines here -- but it hit the spot like a summer ice cream cone; an outdoor theatre is a relaxing way to wind down a Sunday. There were some gorgeous flowers blooming between the Pavilion and the Malkin Bowl which we shot for posterity with our ever-present cameras. I saw Rachael's prints yesterday, and they're very eye-catching... I'm just waiting for her to scan them *nudge nudge* so I can post them here, too.

Yesterday -- Monday -- was another full day. After lunch with Eliza and one of the quickest shopping trips we've ever done (20 minutes, two pairs of shoes) at Oakridge, she dropped me off at Van Dusen Gardens, where I met up with the Vandigicam crew.

This is the only photo I've uploaded from Van Dusen so far. I'm still only halfway through my Nanaimo trip photos, and there's Sweden's fireworks after that, the flowers in Stanley Park, dinner at The Reef (caribbean cuisine) after Van Dusen Gardens and the impromptu after-dinner storming of Neil's place because his dinner came so late he ended up taking it 'to-go' and we didn't want him to eat alone...

What a forward bunch of people we are!

Tonight I'm off to see Me and You and Everyone We Know, an indie film by Miranda July that I learned about through Manu, who raved about it so enthusiastically he saw it not only in New York when it opened but last weekend, too!