Sunday, August 21, 2005

Matzoh at Mom's

my baby, Penny
my baby, Penny,
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Meet Penny, the most spoiled cat ever. But is that any wonder? Guess who spoils her?

We went to Mom's house this evening, as is our custom on Sunday. David's been having a rough time of it, so she whipped up the classic Jewish medicinal remedy of remedies: matzoh ball soup. It's legendary for curing anything and everything -- allergies, hangovers, hangnails, hangups, what-have-you... get a little matzoh meal in your kishka and feel a little more Jewish and a little less achey. (And even when you feel better you are still culturally obligated entitled to kvetch in a manner fit for an episode of Seinfeld.)

Of course, there was much more than matzoh ball soup. There was also apple sauce, cookies, milkshakes, gummie bears, clam chowder, chicken broth, Italian bread, and -- well, I lost track after the gummie bears. We left the house with more bags of food than we get on the average trip to the grocery store.

Speaking of bowels by the way, further to the saga that is Breigh's gift to David that arrived after he was released on Friday, I am unhappy to report it appears to have been lost in the bowels of Mercy Hospital. I returned there today, as instructed by the receptionist, and the regular receptionist took me for another wild goose chase, this time in the volunteers' office where the package had allegedly been (mis)placed. We rummaged around together but to no avail. After some phone calls up to the 9th floor nurses' station where the package was signed for, it was concluded that the only place it could be is the Mail Room....

*drum roll*

... which is only open during business hours. Yep, I was told to come back tomorrow, again. I'm sorry, Breigh! I tried! If I don't get the package tomorrow, heads will roll.

In technology news, I am pleased to report that David successfully set up BROADBAND for Mom's WebTV -- now MSN-TV -- and she is now able to read our blogs, look at our photos, and play online Scrabble without worrying that she's missing a call from us or anyone else. It plays video, internet radio stations, and Microsoft propoganda at lightning speed.