Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The Wedding Rings Make an Appearance in Our Time of Need

the wedding rings, at Mercy Hospital

We're supposed to get married in six weeks, but I think this is as good a time as any to wear our wedding rings.

David designed them himself, using the stones from his late grandmother's ring (which holds both her wedding and engagement stones, plus his mother's, 7 in all). They bring us familial comfort while David is in the hospital having chemotherapy and extensive testing done (bone and brain scans, etc.). This is a critical time, as this type of cancer has an alarming rate of spread and early treatment will make all the difference in the world.

We were assigned the best oncologist in the area (thank you FV for your referral), and we both felt utmost relief at how quickly the doctor secured a bed for David. I feel so much better knowing that David is getting immediate attention, but of course at the same time it's unnerving because the urgency means he's under very serious threat of cancer spreading to other parts of his body. In the seven days between the biopsy, the diagnosis, and the visit with the oncologist, David's symptoms intensified and until today he's only been treated with over-the-counter and prescription medicine to alleviate the pain. At least now he's getting therapy to shrink the tumour and not just painkillers. At the oncologist's office we were briefed by a nurse on chemotherapy and what types David will be given, I was given a booklet on chemotherapy, and also a book about lung cancer. The oncologist was everything we could expect in a specialist and we have confidence from our meeting with him (and other sources) that David is getting the best care possible.

For his workmates and other friends reading this site who are local to northeastern Pennsylvania, David is in Room 920 (9th Floor) until Friday or Saturday if you have time to visit (visiting hours are until 8:30pm):

Mercy Hospital Scranton
746 Jefferson Ave
Scranton, Pennsylvania 18501
T: 570-348-7100

Here are directions. David has a private room with a telephone, but he also has his mobile phone if you'd like to call him. He can also read e-mail on his phone. If you'd like to send an e-mail, it's his full name with no spaces at verizon dot net (to avoid spambots). I'll be in and out of the hospital every day, but I'll take photos and post updates when I can.