Friday, August 26, 2005

An order of heart disease, anyone?

There's an eatery here in Scranton called Coney Island Texas Lunch (check out their site, it's a hoot) where practically all they make are heart-disease-in-a-bun things called Texas Weiners. Code words for chili on hot dogs and deep-fried hamburgers marinated in chili. Note the puzzling references to places (Coney Island, Texas) not in Pennsylvania.

Click on the picture and check out the menu.

We went here the other day for nostalgia reasons, and so David could get some stuff at the hobby store next door. While there, I thought to myself, 'How do I know it's 2005???' Nothing in there dated to the present. The decor, music, even the prices were from another era.

Today I was a charwoman. Tried to escape to New York City for some urban stimulation, plan aborted due to virtually non-existent cab service to bus station. Will try again tomorrow.