Saturday, August 20, 2005

Hugh, You're Fired!

beggar in a tuxedo
beggar in a tuxedo,
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Had to go buy mouse/rat poison at the grocery store today -- I found mouse droppings in the cupboard. The regular mousetraps just seemed so... inhumane. Although, when you see what rodent poison does, that doesn't seem like a preferable way to pass on, either. But it's secondary to the thought of mice turds touching my food.

If Hugh would just get his arse in gear, I wouldn't have to make these murderous decisions!

In other ARGH! news I went to the hospital today to pick up a package that Breigh sent to David in the hospital, but must've arrived after we checked out yesterday afternoon. Coincidentally, when I was talking to Breigh on the phone today, the hospital left a message telling us the package was sitting there! When I got down there, the receptionist informed me that the volunteer office where it would be was locked, and nobody was there to open it.

I was incredulous. "Doesn't anyone have the key?"

I was already surprised because I called the hospital after hearing the phone message and was told to go to the receiving department. The information desk receptionist didn't even know they HAD a receiving department ("I'm new! I've only been here a couple of months!"), and had to ask the hospital telephone operator. The operator didn't even know where it was! Mercy Hospital isn't very big -- 500 beds? Sigh.

We wandered the halls of the hospital, looking for somebody to let us into the office, but the area was deserted. The receptionist said the only place where a key would be was the information desk, and she didn't have it.

Wild goose chase. Better than a wild mouse chase, I suppose. Will try again tomorrow!!