Wednesday, August 17, 2005

David, still smiling

David, still smiling
David, still smiling,
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David had scans all day today of his entire body and a bout of chemotherapy, so I haven't seen him yet. I'll go to the hospital in about an hour and bring my PowerBook so he can write about it and I can post his text when I get home.

This photo was taken at home on Monday night with David's old Pentax SLR. I didn't use a tripod, so I'm surprised it came out at all, what with our hideous kitchen lighting. I had to do some post-production in Photoshop for colour correction, but at least I've learned enough PS to have some control over that. Beats buying filters.

It's one of my favourite photos of David so far. We're sitting on the kitchen floor, assembling an office chair that Mom Fielding generously bought for David to spare him from more back pain.

David's always been a reluctant portrait subject, but he's indulging me more these days. I want people to see more of him and know how much I love him.