Friday, August 12, 2005

Things to Do While We Wait

Back yard
Back yard,
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So, we continue to wait, but I've taken it upon myself to transform the house because IT is driving me crazy, too. The house is from the 1940s and the exterior appears to be in decent shape, but the interior is ALL BACHELOR. David calls it the "Hunting Lodge" look, and frankly I'm embarrassed for anyone to step foot in our house as it is right now. I welcome all and sundry to visit, but not before I gut the place!

David's been too ill to look after the house, so I finally started tackling the cleaning with gusto and I even mowed most of the lawn yesterday. I haven't mowed a lawn since I was probably 14 years old! David watched me from the porch with much amusement ("those City Slickers") while I pushed our old gas mower (which might even be as old as the house) as fast as I could, trying to get as much of the lawn done before the sun completely disappeared.

I was planning to get out the weedwhacker (we called it a 'weedeater' when we were kids), but by the time I finished the front lawn it was nearly dark. I posted a picture link for the benefit of Eliza, by the way, who has never seen a weedwhacker, nor any other implements you'd find in a shed. Boy, she's going to get an eyeful when she comes to visit and sees our GARAGE!

I'd love to call one of those many home improvement programs and say, "Make over our house!" but I don't want to wait that long or have ourselves shamed all over TV-land ("You couldn't flog that at a yard sale!"), I'm going to start replacing and fixing things TODAY. Besides, it's something to do while we wait for the biopsy analysis.