Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday: time to gorge

I had a craving for some Greek food today, but could we find any??? No. I didn't hold out much hope, since it's Easter Sunday, but we gave it a try. Apparently, though, there's only ONE Greek restaurant listed in Scranton, but we couldn't get through on the phone. When we drove past the address, it wasn't there! I always thought of Greek restaurants as fairly ubiquitous, like Chinese (OK, fast food, Westernised Chinese), but I suppose that doesn't apply here. I was ready to drive half an hour to Wilkes-Barre for some moussaka, but when we phoned, nobody answered there, either!

So, I'm like Hugh in this photo -- I can picture the food, but it's out of reach. (Click on the pic for comments.)

The three of us did, however, stuff ourselves silly at Jim Dandy's down the road. No one starved, including Hugh. Our regular Sunday Scrabble game followed, during which I got a surprise phone call from my cousin in Vancouver, who incidentally was hosting my old Scrabble cronies (her mom and our aunts) for Easter dinner.