Wednesday, March 09, 2005

sepia experiment

An experiment using camera settings, then iPhoto. Click for more info.

It's one of the photos I took at the ville faux -- a WWII re-enactment set beside the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading (RDG) -- from last Saturday.

I finally made a photo set for the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, with the pictures I liked the most.

David brought home Adobe suite tutorials for me a couple of weeks ago, but they're still sitting upstairs on my desk. I know... no excuse, really. There's something of a purist in me who appreciates untreated photographs, directly from what the photographer sees and sets up in the LCD panel/viewfinder. I even crop very sparingly. Which has nothing to do with not learning Photoshop, other than to honestly say I don't know how to use it (therefore I don't), which is bollocks because it's like saying I don't want to go hiking because it erodes the forest...

What am I on about???