Wednesday, March 02, 2005

working my brass off

brass bed
Uploaded by gailontheweb.

Man, these fumes are strong... I've got this stuff called "Brasso" that's supposed to polish brass and remove crud, and it's acrid enough to singe nose hairs, even in this open space with the window open.

The brass object is a king size bedframe that nearly filled the bedroom, but has since been replaced by a smaller, more comfortable bed and frame (no headboard or footboard). This brass behemoth is NOT my taste... or David's, either. But, it obviously appealed to at least one person in this corner of the earth, and we're hoping it will appeal to at least one more. I've been informed it was expensive, and worth the scrubbing to restore and sell. I've left the project for some weeks because it was frigid and opening the window was turning the dining room into a deep freeze. But the frame is enormous and I can't wait until spring to get rid of it. It must go! Problem is, there's so much oxidisation that it's taking nothing short of a scrub-a-thon to get the layers off. I sure hope we can sell it...

If there's anyone reading this who's interested in a handmade, king-sized brass bedframe, please let me know and put me out of my misery!!

[Finally finished my post last night of our trip to Harrisburg on Saturday.]