Saturday, March 12, 2005

Enter the Haggis!

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It's St. Patrick's Day weekend -- a big deal here in Scranton, home to a sizeable Irish population (everyone is either Irish, Italian, or Polish). In fact, the St. Patty's Day Parade later today is the fourth-largest in the country, behind Boston, New York, and Philadelphia! We thought we'd get into the spirit of things by going to see a concert...

Enter the Haggis!

For a BARGAIN price, we got to see a live-wire of a show put on by this band from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Ah, my COMPATRIOTS! Good to see some Canadians again! And how can you resist hearing a band who titled their last CD "Casualties of Retail"?

This was a talented bunch o' coconuts, for sure, combining the bagpipes, guitars, fiddle, and percussion into a blend of Celtic, bluegrass, and rock. They play with the likes of Ashley MacIsaac and Natalie MacMaster, who are Canadian fiddling virtuosos. I video'd like mad...!

David's has better shots as he's the one with the mega-zoom, so I'll post a link to his pics later. There are clips on their website, but I'll edit and post a link to one of my videoclips, but for now I'd better get some sleep.

ADDITION: Sunday, Mar 13

Enter the Haggis: dance!