Thursday, March 24, 2005

White Stuff

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On the drive to Philadelphia last Saturday, I noticed some white hairs on the right side of my head. I pulled a few out, a few more, then stopped when I saw this pile grow. If this is any indication of how much white hair I've got on my head, I'll have enough to make a bird's nest by the time I'm 35!

When my brothers and I were youngsters, our parents would ask us pluck out their white hair with tweezers. For some unknown reason, I ended up with the job, not my brothers, so I needed some incentive to curb my griping. They paid me one cent for every hair, and I had to show them the hair before it could count. For all my grumbling about child labour, they never did raise the per-hair rate! Eventually they decided it was easier to colour their hair than listen to me go on about inflation and the rising costs of gum and magazines.

Speaking of white stuff, we got a big dumping of snow yesterday, after weeks of thinking winter was finally over.

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