Wednesday, March 09, 2005

my Flickr addiction continues unabated...

Uploaded by hendriko.
Check out this photo by Hendrik, who lives in Vancouver. I also "faved" another photo from his stream here.

Part of why I'm so addicted to Flickr.

I'm also addicted to the forums, like the chaotic FlickrCentral, which has discussions on everything from artistic merit to hardware to current events and all manner of topics in between.

There are regional groups where you can find people arranging meetups, computers and internet groups, life groups to discuss work or family and showcase personal photos, recreation groups for people with similar interests and hobbies (like FLYING!), and whatever you can't find, you can initiate yourself.

I sound like an ad for Flickr, but the creativity of the photography I see every day (every hour!) never ceases to amaze me. There's something very egalitarian and tangential about its structure, which is very appealing. There are professional photographers on Flickr, but they're usually there for personal reasons and post photos unrelated to their work. Everyone comments on everyone else's photographs and everyone is all jumbled together. Dandy!