Saturday, March 19, 2005

Retail Therapy

What do you do when you're feeling blue? Go to the Apple Store with a wad o' cash, that's what. Or an unused credit card. You can drop SO MUCH MONEY in there, between the different iPods, iMacs, displays, accessories, software, and PowerBooks.

Thankfully we didn't indulge in too much retail therapy at the Apple Store. I was going to get iLife '05, but I can only get the educational discount via the Apple Canada website... except my credit cards all have my U.S. address, which won't input at the Apple Canada site (Apple Canada only accepts Canadian addresses and ships within Canada, same with Apple USA, etc.). I have a 20GB iPod, but I've got my eye on iPod Photo -- waiting for the March release of the iPod Camera Connector (downloads photos directly from camera to iPod, which eliminates the need for extra Flash memory cards), and for prices to come down. Seems like they're releasing new stuff all the time, and increasing battery life, which is always a plus.

We managed to escape the Apple Store with only one small purchase -- an iPod FM transmitter so we can use my iPod in the car on road trips. The Griffin iTrip was $4 cheaper, but this one was smaller and it had all the frequencies built right in.