Sunday, March 20, 2005

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Quick visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art yesterday, mostly to the Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery. Photoset is here:

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Click on the photos for the descriptions.

After checking out museums, we had dinner at an Indian restaurant called Karma in the historic district before heading to the Apple Store in King of Prussia.

Yeah, what a name for city! I suppose BC has its share of "different" names, many of them First Nations: Tsawwassen, Squamish, Lillooet, etc. I don't know where Spuzzum came from, but I always had a chuckle when passing it on the TransCanada Highway.

Pennsylvania has city/town names from afar, like Lebanon and Bethlehem, but there are also some real headscratchers, namely:

Forty Fort
Fort Indiantowngap
(town signs are stolen all the time, I've read)
Climax (apparently there's one in Saskatchewan, too)

Can you imagine some of the reaction you might elicit with a postal address of Panic, PA?

Some of these I've seen on the map, some I've heard from David, some are from I'm sure there are others around the state that I can't seem to recall at this moment.

Let me know of odd city/town names you've come across anywhere!