Monday, May 16, 2005

Cramming for the Provincial Elections

When I rolled into town the other Friday, somebody told me I arrived just in time for the BC Elections. Oh great, it looks like I'll be cramming for info on the internet later tonight, because I've not been keeping up on what's been happening in BC while I've been away.

Thankfully my father's a big believer in the democratic process, because he didn't even think twice about offering to drive all the way here (my brother's house in Cloverdale, a stone's throw from Langley) to pick me up along with two of the kidlets to drive all the way into downtown Vancouver, amuse the kids while I vote, then drive all the way to Langley so I can pick up the van from my brother's workplace to take Melissa to ballet. (It's in the neighbourhood of an hour each way.) Go Dad!