Monday, May 09, 2005

Scrabble Fiends

I just read Karl's latest post, and had a big ol' belly laugh...

Scrabble Game

On Thursday I mentioned to Karl that I was playing simultaneous games of online Scrabble with David, his mom, Kim in Oregon, and Breigh in the Netherlands. I suggested we start our own game, but I should've realised -- knowing how much of a strategist Karl is -- how much he'd get into it. After all, he enthusiastically gave me a copy of Word Freak last year, after having read it himself.

Karl documented our first game (above), which we finished at a pretty crazy hour last night! Then we started a new one right away, in which I set a new record of scoring two bingos in a row (a play using all 7 letters), in the first and second turns. Getting one bingo is pretty common in a game, but it's rare for me to get two, let alone two in a row and right at the beginning of the game. We'll see if he documents this one!

I've been playing online Scrabble steadily for weeks now with David and his mom, and Kim. David's mom plays using WebTV, and has become so addicted to it that her cat is complaining bitterly for being ignored while Mona stares at a stationary screen. I'm playing around the clock with everyone, and I blame Kim for that, since she introduced me to it (thanks Kim!). Now we're all hooked!