Monday, May 09, 2005

The Kidlets' New Crafts

new visors!
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Last week David and I were shopping for a birdfeeder for Mother's Day and stopped into the arts and crafts store Michael's to see what they had. While we were there, we spotted some foam crafts I thought the kids would like. The selection of foamy specimen was incredible -- we were surrounded by rows of the stuff, but I didn't know if it was available in the Michael's store in Richmond. (I've never been there, I've only heard of its location.)

I decided not to chance it and toted the stuff here from Pennsylvania instead, since it was light and didn't take up too much space in my baggage. The kids pounced on it straightaway and had to be supervised. but it was Mother's Day so there were five of us adults present and the adult-to-child ratio was back up to 1:1.

Before working on his visor, Michael (4) busied himself with decorating his doorknob hanger, festooning it with foam fish stickers. I told him he should put his name on it.

"Auntie Gail, I need an M..."

"Yes, we're all looking for Ms, Michael."

(David and I bought plenty of alphabet sets, since the kids' names all begin with the letter M. Little did Allan know this might be a consideration when they named them...)

"I'll just put an M here at the top. M is for Michael, so everyone knows it's my room."

"Michael, all of your names begin with M. Put the fish on the bottom so there's enough space for your name."

"I don't want all the letters. I don't like 'h'."

"How can you not like 'h'? It's a good letter."

"I just don't like it." He held up the finished hanger to show me, proudly displaying M-I-C-L.

"See?" he said, sliding his fingers across the letters as he sounded them out. "M-iiii-k-ulll..."