Sunday, May 22, 2005

I Finally Meet George and Lana!

Just taking a moment to plug George's site:

Every time I go back to his site, he's added more photos and made improvements.

This is the third time we've attempted to meet since last year, when George, his wife Lana, and I started posting in the Vancouver group on, but something's always come up. Lana and I have been writing while I've been in Pennsylvania, a euphemism for me filling up Lana's inbox with complaints about Pennsylvania -- haha!

Third time's a charm, they say, and last night we finally did meet up and nattered over coffee and desserts for hours at True Confections on Denman Street. I'm glad they made it out here from Richmond -- it was a deluge on and off, which creates traffic and orneriness on the roads. The kind of weather that would put many people off from driving, but not George, apparently, even after arriving home that morning from his third flight to Japan this week. What stamina.

When I met David, practically the first person I mentioned my helicopter flight to was George, who's a pilot with Air Canada and a simulator instructor on various Air Bus series planes. David got me into another side of aviation by taking me on my first helicopter trip and my first flight in a private prop plane. Until that point, I'd been on a lot of commercial airlines, but that was it.

On Friday the two pilots will meet, as it's George's birthday, and David's is on Monday. We'll be whooping it up at a Greek restaurant, of course!