Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Michael the City Bus Driver

We were at a playground in Langley today, and I told Michael he was a city bus driver. Hence the expressions. I selected seven photos out of my digital pile and made a set:

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In this photo I told Michael he was pulled over by the police for speeding*. This was his reaction. The kid's four years old, and he's already grasped road rage. (His mother says she's glad he's not driving for years yet.)

The photoset even has accompanying music:
Waiting For the Bus (mp3, 3.4MBs)

* If you think buses don't get pulled over for speeding, think again. I was on Amtrak's coach from Seattle to Vancouver a week and a half ago, and the driver was pulled over for going 72mph in a 60mph zone. This was in the middle of a clear, sunny day, and the driver was going with the flow of the traffic. Is the highway patrol THAT bored? This was the exchange:

Officer: "How come you were speeding?"
Driver: (pause) "I wasn't looking at the speedometer."
Officer: "Do you drive this route often?"
Driver: (pause) "Every day..."

I was sitting behind the driver, so I heard everything. While the driver paused before giving his answer, I conjured up sarcastic responses to the officer in my head. My insubordinate streak is showing, but wouldn't you be tempted, if faced with this inane line of questioning?