Friday, May 13, 2005

Vancouver Aquarium

all five Ms
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Thursday turned out to be a good day to set off for the aquarium -- overcast and threatening to rain. We packed all five kidlets into the van and headed towards Vancouver, hoping they'd nap along the way. They all did except for Melissa, but that didn't stop Maddy from throwing a wobbly in the restroom when I was trying to change her. She wouldn't let me change her and was screaming so much I'm sure everyone thought I was trying to kill her. Other than that, the aquarium excursion was without incident. That is, if you don't include the ticket we got for neglecting to buy a parking ticket -- a big oops, but we're appealing it. (Everything is negotiable.)

The twins were set free to roam in the play area downstairs, but Megan kept running away, so we confined her to the stroller for the rest of the afternoon. After Maddy threw her wobbly she was relegated to stroller confinement while I carried Maribeth around. We watched Spinner the dolphin, the belugas showing off, the rainforest area with birds, turtles and the sloth, sharks, and jellyfish. I love jellyfish -- I could watch them all day. If it were remotely affordable, I'd love to have a jellyfish tank at home with a glowing blue light 24/7.

It wasn't as crazy at the Aquarium as last time, which was Boxing Day when David and I took the older three kids. NEVER go on holidays -- it's a total zoo! Now that they have a family membership we'll be going more often, so we won't feel compelled to spend the entire day there to make the entrance fee worthwhile.

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