Saturday, May 28, 2005

Flickr Going Away Party

Flickr Farewell

Ludicorp, the company behind, threw a going-away party on Thursday night at the Alibi Room in Gastown (the office gets moved to San Francisco on Tuesday). Libations, scrummy eats, and t-shirts were there for the taking, and I met more Flickrati than I could keep track of. Especially after the martinis. More on this later.

ADDITION: Tuesday, June 1

I've uploaded more photos to the Flickr Farewell Party set.

The universal Flickr tag for the party is flickrfarewell. As of this writing there are 710 photos with that tag.

Check out the farewell card that JMV made. He crafted a PowerBook/iBook hybrid card out of two UPS boxes and snuck around the room, getting people to sign it. I had to take off at midnight to make sure I had enough time to pick David up at the airport, so I missed the presentation, but there's a collage of it here. I'm sure they were chuffed to receive it -- there was 'time capsule' stuff in the SuperDrive slot, too! That JMV, he thought of everything!

Oh yes, and how could I forget the martinis? They kept bringing out waves of martinis and pints and hors d'oeuvres, so while I was talking I'd spot trays of these going by and of course grab one. At one point in a conversation I looked down and saw my half pint of ale was surrounded by a circle of red sparkly martinis, so I started one of those and went back to the pint, looked down again, and saw an arrangement of champagne-coloured sparkling appletinis (at least, I think that's what they were). So I talked, held a drink in one hand and took photos with the other. What would a Flickr gathering be without shooting anything and everything?