Sunday, May 22, 2005

Look What Sprang Up While I Was Away

Vancouver is one of those cities where the only constant is change.

THREE free city dailies started up in the first few months of 2005, which I haven't gotten around to looking at yet. Jury's out on how long they'll last.

In the first day or so of arriving, I was on the Skytrain and spotted a whole new multi-storey retail building that sprouted by the elevated tracks between the Broadway/Commercial and Main Street/Science World stations. I didn't even see the foundation get put in, and WHAM, there it is.

The new Paramount cinema/multi-plex building at the intersections of Burrard/Smithe/Hornby is now open for business. Maybe David and I will check out a film there this weekend when he's here. (Is this my cue to check the listings in one of those new free dailies for movie openings this weekend??)

They're on the final stages of completing the condos at the city end of the Cambie Street Bridge, off Pacific. That took a while, though, I remember taking Michael and Melissa past there when they were toddlers and the construction barriers were up.

Everywhere I go in Vancouver I see something new. That's not necessarily a bad thing, especially for me, since observation is such an important skill for anthropology and photography -- two of my biggest interests.