Saturday, May 21, 2005

Friday Photowalk

I had a great day yesterday, productive and social and geeky all at once.

After some errands, I met up with Rachael on Davie Street to go for a photowalk. Photography is generally a solitary activity, but after the Vandigicam meetup last week, I was keen on doing more such photowalks, but on a much smaller scale. We headed down Davie Street, and wouldn't you know it -- the very first shop we entered, we got told off for taking photos. It was a little florist/home decor place I'd patronised before, and I didn't think they'd be uptight about it. Granted, we didn't ask permission and they weren't stroppy about it, but it wasn't as if they were a high-end niche market shop with rare items. Neither of us are interested in pissing off shopkeepers, though, especially near where we live, so we stayed out of retail places and kept outside. That is, until we spotted FOOD...

I'd just eaten, but Denman is full of little restaurants and cafes and dessert places like Cupcakes and Mondo Gelato. Rachael could've probably resisted a mini-cupcake, but I'd convinced her not to fight the urge, and a few doors down I stopped in to try some new gelato flavours and caved in for a half-scoop each of maple caramel and Indian mango. Note to self: we are far too weak-willed to do photowalks near dessert places. Must stay away from dessert places.

I'd mentioned to Rachael that the view from the top of the Landmark Hotel on Robson Street was great for photos, but we'd discovered that it didn't open until 5 o'clock. So, we headed east up Robson Street to Burrard and north along Burrard to Hastings to shoot in the Marine Building. Built in 1930 in Art Deco style, it's one of my favourite buildings in the city. I used to work on the 12th floor years ago when I first moved to Vancouver, and had a view of Stanley Park and the North Shore from my desk. I loved watching the floatplanes coast into Coal Harbour.

Click on the image to see the whole photoset.

See Rachael's images here.

We finished off the photowalk at the Marine Building, which is conveniently located kitty-corner to my bank, so I did more errands there before heading back up Burrard to meet Eliza. I FINALLY have my 2004 RRSP receipt so I can complete my income tax return!

The rest of the evening involved driving out to Cloverdale to pick up a box from Allan's house -- stuff I'd ordered from Apple Canada -- and a wacky Vietnamese noodle house, then more errands around Vancouver. One of the things I ordered from Apple was iLife '05, so now I can use iMovie again (I've been getting by with Quicktime Pro), and iPhoto 5 has some features sorely missing from iPhoto 4. Eliza is getting Tiger installed on her PowerBook, so we'll see what new stuff Apple's introduced to OS X -- and how it works with iPhoto '05.