Sunday, May 01, 2005

Social Networking for Your Pets

Uploaded by AviatorDave.
There's a site for everything these days, not just people. Take a look at Catster, where your cat can have its very own webpage. Not surprisingly, there's Dogster, too, brought to you by the same people behind Catster. I ended up here somehow (?) because a fellow Flickr'r sent me a link to a pbase site for this kitty named Bugs:

Bugs! the hare-lipped feline

What a character! I especially like this photo: a better look at his teeth.

By the way, the kitten on the left in the photo is Hugh as a youngster. (Click on the photo for more info.) David made his own Hugh album. Someone in Japan even noticed this photo of Hugh and blogged it in Japanese, and David attempted a translation:

"The nose, it is huge!"