Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Home Improvements (While I'm Away)

Pictures not for the faint of heart.

While I've immersed myself in the large-scale daycare facility that is my brother's home, 4,000kms away the horror that is our kitchen is being dismantled and reconstructed to be fit for public view. I wrote about this back in January and posted a couple of pictures, but we postponed the work until spring, when the windows could be open and nobody would freeze. David offered to tackle the job during my stint in Vancouver.

The Age of Aquarius is Ending

Click on the photos for David's notes. It wouldn't be so offensive-looking if we were dealing with a mix of horrid solid colours, but it's the patterns and clashes of designs and styles that make our house the interior decorator's nightmare. When I spoke to David earlier this evening, he was covered in dust and paint but excited about how the project was coming along. I would feel more guilty about my lack of participation except I'm up to my eyeballs here, too -- with small children rather than home improvement. David met all the kidlets at Christmas, so he knows I'm equally challenged.