Saturday, September 18, 2004

Allison's Birthday

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(I'm trying something new: displaying photos in a table, rather than just down the side. This week I thought I should reduce my photo sizes so the page downloads faster. Also, there are still some friends out there using *gasp* dial-up connections, so I should be mindful of this.)

Allison's birthday is actually next week, but her hubby is taking her away for a few days of vacation, so we thought we'd celebrate at the office today while everyone could be in one place. We're a small company, so birthday celebrations are more personal, being that everyone is really more like family than people sitting at a nearby desk.

I brought along my trusty little Canon photo printer, which Ashley loves to operate. Operation consists of pressing a button on the camera twice, but she also loves to watch the paper run back and forth, then tear off the side strips from the print. I have a feeling she's going to be the gadget collector in the Mason family, like her dad.

Meanwhile, the basket you see here on the table is by Melanie, who has her own business creating gift baskets... just one of the many jobs she does!