Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Iron(ic) Chef




Tako looking panther-like.
Is that Eliza wearing an apron???? Believe it or not, it is! Here's the photographic evidence! I got my hair cut today, and afterwards went over to Eliza's place, where dinner was waiting for me! Lucky me! Eliza almost never cooks. She says she can't cook, so she had a "professional cooking consultant" give her some instructions over the phone to create this lovely meal. I didn't feel like a guinea pig at all, no... I took a photo of it before I dug in, so if anyone mocks her lack of culinary skills, Eliza can send them a link to this page! haha! I should mention, she makes a mean dumpling, too...

We also watched a Wong Kar Wai film, Chungking Express (Chong qing sen lin, 1994), which was engaging. Wong Kar Wai is an acclaimed director, and the first movie of his that I saw -- with Eliza the film buff -- was In the Mood For Love years ago. Later on I watched Happy Together, and this film was in the same league. Wong Kar Wai definitely has a distinct direction style, and the dialogue in his films is both humorous and touching.

Chungking Express is one of the titles delivered yesterday to Eliza from, a site that lets you choose DVDs online for a monthly subscription price. There are no due dates, and you always have 4 titles on hand. We're splitting the fee and watching as many films as possible! Now I can finally catch up on some of my movie-watching!