Wednesday, September 15, 2004

I Survived...

... three haircuts, baby feedings, storytime, driving in torrential rain, and more. This was all after work. I'm covered in hair, baby drool, rice cereal, breastmilk, and stickers. (I put a sticker on my forehead to give Maddy something to look at so I could cut her hair.) I gave Maddy a Cleopatra-style haircut, Melissa a shorter version of the style she has now, and -- after we put all 5 kids to bed -- I lopped at least 3 inches off Cheryl's hair and super-layered it. Oy vey!

I don't have photos of any of tonight's activities, because I was too busy. I brought my camera, but between playing with the babies and trying to make the kids sit still enough to get their hair cut, I wasn't able to capture anything. My dad even came by after he finished work and had me proofread, edit, and type a letter for him. I go back to the House of Chaos tomorrow for one last weeknight before Allan returns from his conference in Whistler, where he's been since Sunday.