Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I Need a New Computer


For the record, my desire for a new computer has absolutely no correlation to the launch of the new iMac G5. None whatsoever. It is mere coincidence that Apple launched their newest Mac as a sleek, space efficient machine that happens to fit nicely in my space-challenged apartment.

I'm still on my first computer, a workhorse of a Pentium III 733. It's never turned off except when I'm on holiday, and when someone is staying here when I'm gone, it's still chugging away. I had it custom-built with additional bus speed, and the office added a CD-burner, another 256MB of RAM, it's on its second fan, second video card, second OS, and the other weekend Karl added 80GBs of disk space and a Firewire/USB2 card, for a grand total of 100GBs. My iPod has 20GBs, which matched what I had on the machine previously, and it was taking forever to synch up the iPod to the computer using a regular USB connection. But I run A LOT of programs simultaneously (I telecommute), and this machine is getting really slow and sluggish. I'll still keep it mostly for storage/archiving, but I'm going to need something much faster very soon.