Thursday, September 09, 2004

No Two Sunsets Are Alike

Tonight while I was working at my computer, I caught a tree-filtered gleam of a gorgeous sunset. I grabbed the camera and managed to capture some rays of fading light on English Bay. (Click on the photo at right to see the unusual light patterns -- golden and mysterious.) The sun rises and sets every single day, I thought to myself. Yet, I keep looking out the window at the ocean, I keep taking photos, I keep trying to capture the moment, not wanting it to slip away into oblivion. I am always very easily impressed by nature. The ocean has the same mesmerising effect on me, and I am forever taking photos of mountains. I am surrounded by all of this, every day, and I never tire of it.

This is still one of my favourite sunset photos. It was taken a few days into 1999, on a Dutch beach called Zaandvoort. I had just rung in the New Year on the Reeperbahn (the famous Red Light District of Hamburg) with Berit and Ansgar and went a bit overboard. From Germany I returned to Amsterdam (where I'd flown in on Christmas Day) to recover and meet up with Lucy, who was visiting me for a few days from England. Fedor, who was living in Hillegom at the time, drove us to Zaandvoort, where we frolicked in the sand, buffetted by a stiff January breeze. Every time I look at this photo, I remember that day. Feeling a bit rough (New Year's Eve in Hamburg was quite the blur), but that beach and that sunset are burned into memory.