Monday, September 06, 2004

Men in Uniform

A rare early morning, so I went to a cafe for breakfast before heading off to Safeway. There was a fire truck parked across the street, which I noticed but didn't think much of until I walked into Safeway and found it overrun with men in uniform. I couldn't stop staring at them. What is it about men in uniform, anyway? The entire produce department was filled with rows of dark blue issue Vancouver Rescue short-sleeve button-down shirts and navy trousers. I was so distracted by them, I couldn't even think of what fruits and vegetables to buy. Instead, I found myself circling the aisles... around and around, self-consciously averting my gaze down to the containers of tomatoes-on-the-vine that were on sale whenever I thought one of them caught me staring. Is it just my imagination or is this entire crew off a film set of actors who were supposed to be rescue workers?? Can there be such a high ratio of good-looking, buff men working for the rescue brigade? There are stations all over the West End; surely if I conducted an independent survey, I wouldn't find this ratio in real life?

What were they all doing at Safeway, anyway? I found several of them discussing what would be the cheapest such-and-such to buy. I almost blurted out a cheer when one of them tossed fruit to another guy holding a basket who missed the grab, but it hit him on the chest and fell in the basket. Eek--must not draw attention to myself, while feeling particularly UNglam on a Monday morning, hair unkempt and my glasses obscuring my eyes, I thought. So I just sauntered by, surreptitiously sneaking in one last look before moseying over to the household items aisle.