Thursday, September 09, 2004

Maria, Full of Grace

I saw Maria, Full of Grace earlier this evening and felt tense throughout the entire film. There were parts I found difficult to watch, even though there was no real gore shown, no scenes of a graphic nature, or anything truly objectionable. Have a read of the premise, and you'll get an idea of why I was squeamish. However, I wasn't squirming at the specific situation; rather, it was the moments of desperation that gripped me. If you have ever felt a heart-stopping moment of desperation, a sheer panic, a time when you asked a Higher Power to save you, then you will know what I'm talking about. Without spoiling the film, I can tell you the lead character gets into trouble, and -- at least for me -- there are moments when you could practically see the spike in electrical activity in her brain. This film troubled me without excessive drama, because in my mind's eye that was me so, so long ago, running in the darkness, looking for a way out.