Friday, September 10, 2004


Apparently, I joined back in June, which I don't even remember doing, but at least I remembered my login and password. Ben mentioned it to me again earlier today, so I had another look.

I've added 11 photos so far, but I'll keep adding, so check back later.

I think Flickr has gone through a lot of changes, because I don't remember it being this feature-rich when I first looked into it. Their uploading tool is a winner, as well as the Organizer. You can read their FAQs yourself, so I'm just going to point you their way, and do add me as a contact (gailontheweb) if you decide to join. I've got photos on Multiply, .node (dotnode), and Orkut, but I really like Flickr's interface and I've discovered they're also a local company (the office is within walking distance). I even recognised some of the names of Ludicorp principals (the development company), from Orkut!