Sunday, September 05, 2004

Where's Gail???

Yeah, I realise it looks like I've dropped off the face of the blogging universe, since it's been a full three weeks or so since I've written a proper entry. Reality bites, and it has bitten me hard on the ass... I've been rather busy! Between lots of projects, socialising, and seeing the kidlets on weeknights, I've not been posting much on Blogger. Also, I was dogged by a cold for the last week or so, and I'm still trying to stave off the remnants of it -- niggling runny nose, and all that. I downed a lot of vitamins and such last weekend, as I was hosting Karl and attending Erich's wedding (and playing photographer). Seems that the arsenal of chemicals staved off the symptoms long enough to get me through those days, but I crashed hard last Sunday night.

I'm working on bringing the blog up to date, so just bear with me while I try and wrack my brain to remember the past few weeks!